About Us


Our team in Austin Texas with decades of experience in the custom print and e-commerce/fulfillment industry set out to create the company we always wanted and our customers deserve - a company with integrity, grit, transparency, professionalism, and damn good products!

We specialize in custom merch for people who are passionate about what they do - from musicians and artists to hospitality and bars to tech startups, our customers are the heart of what we do. 

We have a 30,000 square ft. location in East Austin where we offer customized screen, embroidery and digital print products, in addition to an extensive range of other custom merch items, with a fulfillment operation to top it off.  

Going on tour? We’ve got you covered with production of your merch and shipments to anywhere in the world with our drop ship services. Did you know, selling one t-shirt is the equivalent to thousands of streams on Spotify? Band Merchandise is the most direct way of supporting an artist!

Have or need an online store? We’ll manage and quality control your inventory and pick, pack and ship your customer orders. All while managing your customer service inquiries to your brand specifications!